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Four new projects begin at THQ as industry awaits next gen

Jason Rubin states that work has begun on a quartet of new games, likely set for new consoles

Executives at THQ have green lit production of four new games across its internal development studios, the company has announced.

Barmy action series Saints Row could be in development for next-gen systems

Jason Rubin, the battling publisher's new president, revealed to investors on Monday that the four projects have commenced in the past 60 days.

"THQ has talented studios, strong intellectual property, and is now nimble enough to navigate the complexities and take advantage of a marketplace in transition," he said.

"Beyond our announced titles, in the last 60 days all four of our internal studios began working on new titles that represent the type of product that we believe will make THQ successful in the future," he added.

Due to the nature of triple-A games projects - which THQ has stated it will now focus on exclusively - it means that the next four games are likely in development for next generation consoles and PC.

Conventionally, such projects take more then 18 months to develop, which suggests that the quartet of new THQ games will be released in the next generation games console cycle.

Microsoft's next generation system, the so-called Xbox 720, is expected to launch after the second half of 2013 - though a 2014 release is not implausible. Sony is expected to launch the PS3 at around the same time.

Dramatic cost-cutting has helped THQ post a profit for the first financial quarter of 2013/14 period.

Rubin, who joined THQ in May, has already made an impact on the company.

The Saints Row DLC, Enter The Dominatrix, is being redeveloped into Saints Row 4, while the ambitious and expensive Guillermo del Toro trilogy Insane has been cancelled.