FIFA 13 Wii U edition 'will not feature Ultimate Team'

But game's producer assures that Nintendo edition will include unique content

An executive at EA Sports has described the upcoming Wii U edition of FIFA as "something in between FIFA 12 and FIFA 13 at core level".


Matt Prior, who spearheaded production on the Wii U version of EA's flagship game, ensured that great efforts were taken to maximise the use of the unique features of Nintendo's next games console.

"In terms of where this is at, it's not FIFA 12 point two," Prior said, "because there's a lot of enhancements from 12, but it's not FIFA 13 either. It's kind of somewhere in between at a core level".

In an interview with Nintendo World Report, Prior revealed one of most notable omissions from the Wii U edition of FIFA 13 will be the Ultimate Team mode.

He said that such an advanced online feature "took many years to kind of come onto 360 and PS3".

He added, however, that the Wii U edition will make use of the tablet controller functionality, "so there's a lot in our game that's not in 360 and PS3".

"We wanted to make sure we got the most popular feature in from versions for 360 and PS3. Either online or offline, the most popular feature in it is an online mode called Online Seasons, so that's in the Wii U."

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Ultimate Team is an online service that allows customers to create football teams from a group of randomly selected football stars. Progress allows users to earn in-game currency, as well as improve the value of their players, who can then be traded in an online auction site.

Central to the service is the option to buy more packs of players with earned in-game currency or real money.