SSX multiplayer update goes live

Two new modes added in EA patch

SSX's long-awaited simultaneous multiplayer mode has been added via a patch today.


According to the EU PlayStation Forum, the SSX update adds two modes; 3-2-1-GO! (that's its real name) and Freeride.

3-2-1-GO allows players to play certain events and compete with up to 5 players simultaneously in Trick It and Race It Heats.

Trick Events introduce a countdown timer for the entire run, so the winner is determined by who can post the highest score AND cross the finish line.

The PS Forum explains: "In these events, the helicopter acts as your lobby. After joining 3-2-1-GO! Event you will be taken to the top of the drop, where you will then wait in the helicopter for other riders to join. As soon as at least one more rider shows up, you can choose to buy into the event and ready-up!"

Freeride lets players navigate any part of the game with no rules, no ghosts, no clock, no score and no HUD.

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Other changes in the update include:

  • SSX Update feature: Brings you all the latest information you nee to know about any future updates or fixes to the game.

  • There was an issue with collecting a large amount of Geotags that resulted in a crash. This issue is now fixed.

  • There was an issue with earning a large number of Credits in your bank. Having a couple of billion credits in your bank account can now only be considered a good thing!

  • A fix has been implemented in the lifetime earnings display to reflect the above fix.

  • If you have not already earned any of these 3 global event badges, the game will grant them to you automatically when you join any Glob Event: "Part of the Crowd", "I Want To Belong" and " Bandwagon". EA have also fixed a rare problem with "The Gold Miner" not unlocking correctly for some players.

  • If you are a popular player with many friends, you have probably grown frustrated with the speed and performance of the Returned menu. This is now much improved.

  • Players with many friends have also likely experienced an issue with RiderNet not remembering some of your Global Event information, or even the fact that you had paid and entered certain events from time to time. The saving and loading of this information has also been greatly improved.