Metal Gear Solid 4 trophy patch: The 6 hardest trophies - and how to get them

Tips guide: Snake's toughest challenges cracked

Loyal fans of Metal Gear Solid 4 have been waiting over four years for virtual silverware to be added to the game, making yesterday's trophy patch arguably the most anticipated update of all time. There are some incredibly tough challenges for those seeking the Platinum, but also a few quirky awards based on Kojima's trademark humour. We've listed what we consider the six hardest trophies, plus four of the easiest to get you started on the way to becoming a Legendary Hero.


Flashback Mania - Viewed all flashbacks.

The Metal Gear Solid games are legendary for the length of their cutscenes and MGS4 is no exception, with long interludes between acts and a concluding sequence that clocks in at over an hour in total! During certain scenes an X prompt appears in the corner of the screen, at which point hammering that button reveals flashbacks to related events in the past.

The difficulty here is that these prompts only appear briefly, so you'll need to watch almost every cutscene in close detail - miss one and you'll have to try again on another run. There are also audio flashbacks that occur during regular gameplay, mainly during Act 4, and it has not yet been confirmed if these are also required for the trophy.

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