Silent Hill HD Collection patch canceled for Xbox 360

PS3 version gets patch as planned

Konami have announced this morning that the PS3 patch for Silent Hill's HD Collection has gone live, but the Xbox 360 patch has been canceled.


The Silent Hill HD Collection was ported from incomplete codes, which caused a lot of issues regarding sound and frame rate within the final game.

Konami have announced in a press release that the much needed patch to correct audio-syncing, frame rate and "other reported issues" is now available to download on the PlayStation Network, but the Xbox 360 patch is "no longer scheduled for release."

While both versions of the game needed the patch, PS3 owners are the only ones that get the fix, with Konami leaving Xbox 360 gamers with a broken game.

Konami stated that the Xbox 360 patch was canceled due to "technical issues and resources," but a further explanation was not provided. Instead, Konami "apologises to any players who are continuing to experience these issues on the XBOX 360 sku." Unfortunately, an apology doesn't actually fix the game.

After Joystiq contacted Konami about how they will go forward, Konami said they would continue to sell the Xbox 360 version of The Silent Hill HD Collection, and "consumers with any questions regarding their purchase can contact Konami customer support."