Sleeping Dogs: 8 essential tips for conquering Hong Kong

How to... make a fortune, dominate your enemies, boost your stats, outwit the cops, see everything

If you've read our Sleeping Dogs review then you'll already know the open world of Hong Kong is stacked with secrets. In these Sleeping Dogs tips, we tell you how to get rich quick, level up fast and become an ultimate fighting machine while rising through the ranks of the Triads - before bringing the whole organisation down from the inside.



There are plenty of quick and easy ways of making money in Sleeping Dogs. Keep an eye out for blue glowing Lockboxes that are dotted around the city, as these hold thousands of HK$ as can also contain weapons and items of clothing to add to your wardrobe.

Completing side missions (marked as yellow icons on the map) also net some additional funds, but it's jobs provided by the Triads that are real moneymakers. Once you're tasked with stealing Knox security vans you should grab them as soon as you see them, as the first will earn you HK$10000 and this amount will increase with every van recovered.

If you get really desperate for cash you can even hop in a vehicle and ram through the parking meters lining certain streets for a few extra HK$!



There are a total of 50 Health Shrines located throughout the game, and for every five you collect you receive a boost to your maximum health level. You should therefore activate these shrines whenever you see them, as the increased health will be a huge benefit during combat.

To make things easier, once you complete the date mission with Amanda at Victoria Peak the Health Shrines will appear on your minimap, making them much easier to spot and gather up. They can also be found on the main map screen by pressing Square/X to go to Collectibles View.

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