New DLC for Rocksmith will teach you how to play bass

No matter what the lead guitarist says, bass is just as important

Ubisoft will be releasing a new DLC pack for Rocksmith, allowing would-be musicians to learn bass as well as guitar.


If you're more into smooth bass lines than meaty guitar solos, the new DLC for Rocksmith 'Bass Expansion' will get you started on the road to bass guitar god.

The DLC will add bass tracks to all 53 songs on the game's soundtrack as well as any downloaded songs. Just like when learning guitar with Rocksmith, players of any experience level can pick it up and have a go, improving skills as your progress.

The bass expansion pack teaches you 2-finger plucking, slapping and popping with tutorial videos, challenges and mini-games. If you don't have a bass guitar, you can use your 6-string to emulate a 4-string bass.

The new DLC 'Rocksmith Bass Expansion' goes live August 14 on Xbox 360 and PS3 for US$29.99.

Rocksmith has been out in America since October 2011, it will hit shelves in the UK September 14th and it can be picked up in Australia from September 27.