Get bonus points if you particpated in The Secret World free tiral

...but only if you buy the game before August 12th

If you played the free trial of The Secret World last weekend, then Funcom is ready to give you 1200 bonus points, but only if you buy the game before August 12.


Funcom isn't really giving you much time to decide, but if you enjoyed the free trial why not purchase the full game and get a bonus 1200 points?

Funcom has said the points "can be used to purchase a wide array of social clothing for your character." A complete outfit will mean you'll have to spend the bulk of your gift, as they'll set you back 1080 points. Otherwise, accessories and individual items of clothing range from 225 to 540 points each.

So it's decision time. To buy the game, or not to buy the game. What will you do?