Kinect 2: Alleged first image leaks online

New set-up appears to show finger and clothes tracking

The man who first leaked images of the Xbox 720 development kit has published what appears to be a development program for Kinect 2.

The image appears to show that the next Kinect can track individual fingers and the shape of clothes.


Microsoft has not verified the picture. CVG has contacted the company for clarification.

The leak was provided by a person known only as SuperDaE, who posted the image on his Twitter account.

In July, SuperDae published images of the Durango development kit, which industry sources claimed were genuine.

Leaked Xbox 720 design documents indicated that MS plans for Kinect 2 to exist as two separate camera sensors mounted on either side of your TV, enhancing its depth perception accuracy and allowing for up to four players (over the current Kinect's two players).

According to the leaked document, the next-generation Xbox will feature Blu-ray compatibility, a form of augmented reality glasses, "Kinect V2", a $299.99 price point and a 2013 release window.

Meanwhile, a job vacancy for a senior role at Microsoft's entertainment division has suggested that the next Xbox release date will come before 2014..