Black Ops 2 Declassified: What we want to see

This is our list, but what do YOU want to see?

Activision has promised Black Ops Declassified will deliver a "true Call of Duty experience". Details on the elusive Vita-bound shooter have been few and far in between but the publisher has promised the clamouring masses more information next week.

Fortunately for us the absence of any concrete details means we're free to speculate and make unreasonable demands. Both the first-person shooter genre and the Call of Duty series have had a difficult time getting comfortable on handheld devices, but we think Black Ops Declassified could change that.

Here's a few things we want to see in the game...

Spec Co-Ops


Thus far there have only been a handful of games that let Vita and PS3 players make merry together in the virtual lands of online multiplayer. Games like WipEout HD are proof that crossplay can be done and done well, so there's no reason Black Ops Declassified should snub it. The control disparity between the two gaming platforms means the bog standard multiplayer might not be best suited for crossplay, the less demanding Spec Ops mode on the other hand would be perfect. The objective-based game modes offer the same fast-paced action but since mission success isn't based on how fast you can snap-to an enemy and nail him it'd be less taxing on the player and less demanding of the hardware. The two-player limit would make the networking side of things easier too.

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