Daily Digest: 5 ways Kinect 2 could improve motion gaming

This morning the first supposed image of a Kinect 2 development kit appeared online. But just what does a 'next-gen' motion sensor entail?

Using the infamous leaked Xbox 720 design docs - confirmed real by a CVG development source - we've deducted five features and improvements you can expect from Kinect 2 - and why it could drastically revolutionise what you define as 'motion gaming.

Basically, no more waggle...

*Disclaimer: The information hereinbelow is taken from an Xbox 720 design document written in 2010. Some of the details will have been revised, perhaps extensively. For more information on the reliability of the data, go here

Two sensors


Microsoft's next-gen plans look to outright double-up on the system's capabilities by the time the next generation Xbox arrives in 2013.

At the centre of Microsoft's Kinect Version 2 plan is what the leaked 2010 document calls "stereo sensors, i.e. two cameras/microphones". The console set-up uses two separate cameras, placed either side of the TV which is said will offer "full-body hi precision" motion control for many players. The tag line in the document is "closer, wider, deeper".

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