Teen charged for theft of RuneScape currency

...faces 15 years in prison for grand larceny

When an attempt to buy 4.7 billion RuneScape coins with counterfeit money didn't work, 19 year old Humza Bajwa pulled a fake gun on the seller and demanded he transfer the coins.


David Emani and Jonathan Dokler of Fordham University agreed to sell their RuneScape coins for $3,300 to fellow student Humza Bajwa. Bajwa thought he'd fool Emani with counterfeit money, but when Emani didn't fall for his plan, Bajwa put a fake gun to his head and forced him to call Dokler to make the transfer.

According to the NY Post the pair had met twice to make the transaction. the first time Emani noticed the counterfeit money and didn't want to go ahead with the deal. Bajwa made a quick excuse to leave once he was found out and asked to meet again the next night.

Bajwa arrived with the counterfeit money yet again, but this time had a real $100 note to trick the Emani into making the exchange. Emani compared the $100 note to the rest of the money and told Bajwa he knew the money was fake, and he wouldn't be going ahead with the deal.

It was then that Bajwa put a realistic looking BB gun to the head of Emani and demanded he call Dokler to make the transfer. Emani says of the situation, "I couldn't believe I was about to get shot over RuneScape! I was so scared I was about to die."

When the transfer was complete, Bajwa left Emani unharmed and surprisingly didn't rob him of anything but the RuneScape coins - he even left the $100 note.

Surveillance video helped to capture and apprehend Bajwa, who will be charged with second degree robbery and grand larceny with a bail of $20,000. If convicted Bajwa could face up to 15 years in prison.

Runescape developer Jagex Games does not promote the sale of coins for cash, and is looking at imposing a lifetime ban on players involved in real-life trading.