Battlefield 3 Premium Edition listed on Amazon

50 million "served" as series approaches 10th anniversary, DICE "still in love"

The Canadian arm of online retailer Amazon appears to have outed Battlefield 3 Premium Edition.


While the listing offers no information about the product other than a $69.99 price tag and a September 15 release, it would presumably include Battlefield 3 and all of the game's DLC.

The Battlefield franchise just happens to turn 10-years-old next month. At GDC Europe today Karl Magnus Troedsson, general manager at developer DICE, said Battlefield has "served" over 50 million players and that the studio's is "still in love" with the series, Joystiq reports.

Battlefield 4 was announced last month. While a Battlefield 4 release date has yet to be revealed, the game's expected to launch in late 2013.

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