DICE: 'Sequelitis' complainers don't understand that innovation doesn't have to be radical

General manager calls Battlefield 1942 a "textbook example of over-scoping"

Karl Magnus Troedsson, general manager of Battlefield studio DICE, has said he thinks innovation "is a bit of a buzzword" and that it doesn't always have to entail radical changes.


Addressing complaints of "sequelitis" today at GDC Europe, Troedsson described the assertion that franchises that rely on iteration aren't innovating as "a cop-out argument".

"[Innovation] doesn't have to be a radical change," he said (via Gamasutra). "There are different levels of innovation, and it depends on where you sit."

The statement followed his reflection on Battlefield 1942, which he cited as "a textbook example of over-scoping" by alluding to the vastness of the game's maps, the abundance of vehicles and environments, and its ambitious 64-player mode.

"It's so crucial to find your focus and stay true to it," he said. "The market is too fragmented to do a lot of different things."

Last month EA made Battlefield 4 official and revealed t Medal of Honor pre-order customers will be rewarded with beta access. A DICE community manger later hinted the Battlefield 4 release date will be in 'fall 2013'.

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