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Borderlands 2 Mecromancer DLC character detailed

'Best Friends Forever' skill tree included

Gearbox Software has revealed the Mecromancer, a new female DLC character the studio is currently working on and planning to release around November.

The steampunk/cyborg styled character has a cutesier design than any of the previous characters in the franchise and has the ability to summon a Deathtrap, a robot that serves as a tank to soak up bullets for her.

Although the character is currently cobbled together from bits of Maya, the Siren class in Borderlands 2, her eventual design has been finalised. Lead designer John Hemingway has also detailed the Best Friends Forever skill tree, which is pitched at players that might not be adept with shooters.


Abilities in the BFF skill tree make up for some of the player's first-person shooting inadequacies. For example, 'Close Enough' gives wayward bullets an increased chance of ricochet toward the enemy.

Players will also be able to upgrade the as-of-yet-unnamed character's robot companion with new abilities such as Explosive Clap, an ability that sees the robot grab a pair of enemies and smash them together to produce a explosion with knockback properties.

[ SOURCE: Eurogamer ]