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Rumour: Wii U to be released on December 6 in Australia

Could the Wii U be out just in time for Christmas?

It's just a rumour for now, but the Wii U could see a release date of December 6 in Australia, just two weeks after the rumoured US release date.


Nintendo aren't the sharing type, which is evident in the way they have kept news of the Wii U under lock and key until they are ready to reveal it - or a rumour leaks, and they confirm it.

Kotaku is suggesting that the Nintendo Wii U's release date will be set for December 6 in Australia. According to the report, "an anonymous tip from a local Australian retailer" told them that the release date for the Wii U will be December 6.

In the same paragraph, Kotaku informs us that despite the shortages of the original Wii console in 2006, "Nintendo is guaranteeing that every pre-order of the console at EB will be met." The mention of EB specifically, leads us to believe the "anonymous tip" came from EB Games.

Kotaku raise valid points that make the December 6 release date the more believable. For example, December 6 is a Thursday, which is the day most new games and hardware are released. The orginal Wii launched on December 7 - also a Thursday, and "Nintendo like to repeat themselves."

If the rumour is true, then Australia will get the console just two weeks after America, but that's only if the GameStop employee who said the Wii U will be released over the Thanksgiving weekend in America, is to be trusted.

Nintendo haven't confirmed the date, and we aren't holding our breath that they will respond to these rumours any time soon. The date may make sense, but Nintendo works in mysterious ways and who knows what they'll decide. For now though, it's fun to speculate that the Wii U will be out just in time for Christmas.