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Darksiders 2 staff 'left out of credits,' claims artist

"Employees that voluntarily left" not our focus, says Vigil

Many Vigil staff have been left out of the credits of THQ sequel Darksiders 2, artist Xander Davis has claimed.


Venting his frustration on Twitter, Davis claimed the studio - which cut nearly 100 jobs earlier this year - tasked him with revamping large portions of the game's UI in just 30 days.

The artist later cited these demands as his reason for departing Vigil, which he claims despite his work led to his name subsequently being left out of the game's end credits, along with other staff.

"Just found out I'm not even credited on Darksiders 2 when the UI is 99% from my direction & hard work, done in record time. I led the revamp effort, created the pipeline, redesigned & rebuilt every screen, worked till 2AM every night, worked w/ leads every step.

"From what I'm hearing now from my former Vigil co-workers, MANY are left out of the credits apparently on Darksiders 2," he said. "In triple-A this happens all the time. A lot, the rule is you have to be employed when the game ships."

Davis was let go a month after troubled MMO Dark Millennium Online was transitioned into a single-player game, and that title's UI team took over his duties.

He added: "Despite revamping 27 screens in 30 days, providing a new art direction, new layout & flow, starting from NONE, their coordination was a mess.

"When I told the Production Director there was no way their goals fit in the time to ship, he let me go & it was put all on DMO's UI guy."

Vigil has since responded to Davis's claims, calling them "misleading" and "erroneous," adding that its primary concern with Darksiders 2's credits was "that we credited team members that were affected by the recent downsizing" and not "employees that voluntarily left".

Xander said of the response on Twitter: " ... totally expected. I didn't anticipate they'd be like- 'oh hey yknow what? He's right!' Of course not... I said my piece."

Here's the studio's statement in full:

After ending yesterday with the successful launch of Darksiders II, we at Vigil Games woke up to get word of a former employee's statements regarding how his contributions were not being accounted for in the credits of the game. What was most disheartening about the statements was how misleading they were, and how they fly in the face of how Vigil, culturally, feels about and treats our teams.

While employment and privacy laws preclude us from discussing the circumstances surrounding the departure of any individual no longer with the company, we can confirm that the employee in question worked for us a total of 90 days, whereas Darksiders II was more than 2 years in development.

When we were forced to reduce staff due to the cancellation of a project, we worked hard to ensure every single person effected by the layoff received their credit in the game. We did not include individuals whose employment terminated for any other reason, for example, being let go for documented poor performance.

We believe we treat both current and former positive contributors to our studio like family, and any statements otherwise are highly inaccurate and can be verified as same. We would ask any press who wish to report on this former employee's statements to check the accuracy of these erroneous claims, before printing them as factual.

To reiterate, Vigil's primary concern while doing Darksiders II credits was that we credited team members that were affected by the recent downsizing. We were not focused on the issue of employees that voluntarily left or were fired from the company. We find it alarming that a former employee would personally attack and lie about other team members while falsely inflating his contribution to the game.

We thank, once again, all those who positively contributed to Darksiders II.
-David Adams

General Manager, Vigil Games

[ SOURCE: (Statement) NES ]