Steam Community update beta released

Exclusive to the first 50,000 'Pillar of the Steam Community' badge holders

Valve has launched a beta version for its 'major' Steam Community update.


The beta isn't available to everyone, however. Only the first 50,000 players who earned the 'Pillar of the Steam Community' badge can jump on board, and each will be able to invite one player of their choice.

"Beta access will increase incrementally until the public launch," says Valve.

The Steam Community update is focused on "highlighting and enabling the best user-created screenshots, videos, and Workshop items for games across Steam while making it easier for the community to discuss their favorite games", explained Valve earlier this week.

Here's a rundown of the main new features in Valve's words:

Game Hubs - Every game on Steam now has a Game Hub, which provides a quick way for users to browse the best of a variety of content as rated by the community at large. Each Game Hub also includes a game-specific discussion area where players can talk about their favorite Steam games.

Group Updates - Player-created groups have been redesigned so it's now easier to see what a group is all about and who is participating in it. Groups now also include public and private discussion areas where they can remain in touch with their own communities.

My Content Updates - The content you've created now lives in one central place with new viewing options including an "image wall" layout that showcases your top-rated content. Also new is the ability to mark screenshots, videos, and workshop items as Favorites to save or share with friends.

Friend Activity - The new feed makes it easy to view, rate, and comment on the content and activities of your friends in a visually-rich and interactive presentation. Players can also broadcast game-specific status updates to start a conversation with their friends, directly in the activity feed.

The Team Fortress 2 Game Hub is available to everyone to peek at now.