Nintendo is 'always a competitor', says PlayStation Euro boss

But 3DS and Vita currently offer "very different propositions"

Nintendo and Sony are no longer direct competitors in the increasingly fragmented mobile and handheld market, the chief executive of PlayStation Europe has said - but they could still clash in the future.


Speaking to CVG at Gamescom in Germany this week, Jim Ryan said that both systems are currently "very different propositions", but as they naturally shift to younger demographics in the future there could be some "collision" between the two.

"I think the gaming offerings [of 3DS and Vita] are so different right now that I think there's plenty of space for both systems to live side by side quite happily," he said.

Ryan's comments come as the industry debates the booming smartphone market and its affect on the handheld sector. Some analysts do not expect Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita to outsell their predecessors but forecast huge gains in the mobile businesses.

Amid the increasing pressure from the likes of Apple and Google, it appears that Sony and Nintendo are targeting different markets with their handheld systems.

But Ryan added that Nintendo "is always a competitor", and that Vita and 3DS could still clash in the future.

"I think over time that the PlayStation Vita will - like all consoles to - skew to a younger demographic, so there will be some collision there," he said.

Earlier this week Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida ruled out the possibility of a PS Vita price cut in 2012.

The full interview between CVG and Jim Ryan will be available soon.