Around the network: Mid August edition

All the best gaming and tech headlines from around the web

It's mid August and as the summer ebbs slowly, the Olympic dream fades and Gamescom shuts its doors after a week of beer and sausage, we can look forward to good times ahead. The release schedule starts to liven with Sleeping Dogs and Darksiders 2 out this week and as usual our lads n lasses of games and tech have been out culling the finest links for your delectation. See what they've unearthed for your reading pleasure this week below. Enjoy.

Games Radar
The Top 7 Most disturbing things about the Mushroom Kingdom
Why Super Mario Bros 3 is one of the greatest games ever made

Nintendo Gamer
The Koopalings and the stars they were named after
Five reasons Picross is Nintendo's hidden gem

Official Nintendo Magazine
New Super Mario Bros 2 guide: How to get 1 million coins
5 things you didn't know about ZombiU

Official PlayStation Magazine
Sleeping Dogs PS3 review
Darksiders 2 PS3 review

Official Xbox 360 Magazine
Best Minecraft Xbox 360 seeds
Skyrim DLC: Hearth Fire, the Great Collapse and Artaeum

LG Optimus 4X HD review
Sony RX100 review

Tesco Support
Another leap in 3D printing
Online security is big news again