'Wip3out 2048 is fab but I need more Vita games'

Darran Penicuik is feeling the software starvation

On last week's mailbox Steven Beall said he thinks God of War is perfect as it is and wouldn't change a thing about it. This week we've got Darran Penicuik, who is dying for more Vita games.

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I am writing to moan about PS Vita. I bought it on release and to be honest I love it. The problem is there aren't enough games. I saved for months and months and bought it and most of the released games are great. Uncharted is superb, Wip3out 2048 is fab, but now I need more! My thirst for Vita is unbearable. I can't wait for new games to feast my eyes on. Where are they? Come on Sony, hurry up - or is the Vita a flop?

GM says: We hear your cries, Darren. You only have to hold the PS Vita in your mitts to understand what a powerful slab of potential it is. Have no fear, however, as there are some corkers en route. Gravity Rush is already out there and is a totally fresh slice of open world beauty. Meanwhile, you've got Assassin's Creed: Liberation, Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, Little Big Planet, Call of Duty, Dust 514, Persona 4: Golden, Lego Batman 2 and Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath to come! Keep the faith!

CVG says: There were some exciting Vita related announcements at Gamescom, namely Killzone Mercenary and Tearaway. Hopefully we'll be getting more games from Sony's first-party studios. Hang in there Darran.