Special Pikachu 3DS XL hits Japan, incites jealousy

We can't have one

Hardcore Nintendo fans know that when Pikachu graces a certain-to-be-rare Nintendo console, he seriously inflates its future value.


Nintendo has revealed a special Pikachu-themed 3DS XL (3DS LL in Japan) that will only be sold via the Pokemon Center store in Japan.

The Pokemon Center will take pre-orders on the console from August to September 14, and it will be sold exclusively to pre-order holders, reports Andriasang.

It's unclear whether or not the machine will be produced in pre-defined limited numbers or stay in stock for a set period. But it will be sold for the regular price of 18,900, and you can bet your granny they'll go for a profit on eBay.

Right, where's the local release petition?