CVG Sources: Rooney's FIFA partnership with EA Sports expires [UPDATED]

Press conference scheduled to reveal FIFA stars

Wayne Rooney will not feature on the front cover of FIFA game for the first time in seven years, CVG understands.

[UPDATE:EA has confirmed that Rooney will not make the cover of FIFA 13.

In a statement issued to CVG, the publisher said:

"After seven successful seasons working with Wayne, we have mutually agreed not to renew our partnership. During this period, both Wayne and the FIFA franchise have achieved phenomenal success but the time feels right for both parties to explore other avenues. We wish Wayne the very best of luck in the future and we look forward to him accomplishing even greater success for both club and country."]

Staying power: Rooney has featured on every FIFA cover since 2005

The Man Utd and England star has featured on every FIFA box cover since 2005, sharing the spotlight over the years with the likes of Kaka, Frank Lampard and Ronaldinho.

Yet EA Sports will announce today that Wayne Rooney will not appear on the front cover, with Barcelona ace Lionel Messi taking the spotlight. Two other football stars, thought to be young promising talent, will join Messi on the box art.

A press conference will begin at 6pm (BST) to announce the cover stars:

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EA has declined to comment on CVG's information.

Rooney's relationship with EA has remained solid since 2005, despite a number of incidents that have affected his reputation. In 2010 a tabloid newspaper claimed that Rooney had a string of encounters with a prostitute while his famous wife Coleen was pregnant with the pair's child.

At the time EA stood behind Rooney claiming that "we have worked together for six years and Wayne continues to represent EA Sports".