Sleeping Dogs: 5 Tips to Play Like a Triad Warlord

Producer Dan Sochan's expert insider guide

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5) Serve and protect!

"How to be a better cop? Well try not to hurt innocent people when you're in a vehicle in the city, try not to drive into civilian vehicles or run innocents over! Don't cause havoc. It kind of reminds me of some of those old cop movies like 48 Hours or Beverly Hills Cop when they come back pretty proud they caught the bad guy and the police chief says: "That's great you got him but you cost the city 40 million dollars in damage." So we kind of took that idea and so to be a good cop, while still you're doing some bad things like beating up some Triads, if you keep civilians safe that's how you kind of max out that side of things."

"It was interesting for us watching people play, before we had the mission scoring in. As soon as we put that in, literally people stopped hurting civilians, stopped driving into buildings and cars. We asked them about it and they said, "Well I'm an undercover cop, so I don't want to do damage or cause havoc." The irony was, they were always an undercover cop, but with scoring in, when they saw this little icon pop up saying 'minus five for civilian hurt', it reinforced it for them.

"It's funny initially almost everyone does the Triad route, there's something inherent about it, which is a little odd, we like being the bad guys maybe. That's what people love about an open world game, driving around causing as much mayhem as they can.

"But we found the more people play, the more all of a sudden they play as a cop, now they're more invested in the main character, it's more compelling, they feel more immersed in that world. It's amazing watching someone who at the beginning of their play through was literally going full speed at all times and slamming into the world, now they are driving quite slowly and obeying the rules, so that they don"t bump into some civilian cars and they're still enjoying the gameplay experience."

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