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Square Enix apologises for Final Fantasy VII PC launch issues

New Q&A addresses activation problems, missing keys

Square Enix has apologised to fans for problems surrounding the recent re-release of Final Fantasy VII on PC.


The publisher has posted a Q&A addressing issues including faulty and missing activation keys, and the current inability to purchase the game in Australia or New Zealand.

It was originally published here, but we've reproduced the whole thing for you:

While many people have now downloaded and are enjoying FINAL FANTASY VII for PC there are unsurprisingly a few issues that have come up so we'll address as many of them as we can in a FAQ below.

I have purchased the game from the SQUARE ENIX Store, but my activation key will not work in the game launcher. What can I do?

1) Log into this website using the "Log in" button in the top right corner of the screen.

2) Select "Add new game" from the top right corner drop-down menu, or follow this link.

3) Follow the instructions on screen using the activation key that you have been sent.

4) Once the game has been added to your Game Shelf, please run the game application again and log in with the account you have just used to register the product.

When launching FINAL FANTASY VII or activating my code on the website I get the following error messages: "Server error. Please try again." or "Your copy of FINAL FANTASY VII (PC) is already registered". What can I do?

We have indentified an issue that is affecting a small number of people from activating or playing their copy of FINAL FANTASY VII. Resolving this issue is our top priority and we apologise the inconvenience that this has caused. We'll update you when the issue is resolved and if there is any action that you need to take.

I have purchased the game from the SQUARE ENIX Store, but have not yet received an activation key. What can I do?

We apologise deeply for this issue: our store servers are experiencing very strong traffic and we are working to fix this in the shortest amount of time.

We endeavour to send an activation key and download link to all those who have purchased the game so far. If you would like to request a refund, please get in contact with our customer support team at this link.

Can I purchase FINAL FANTASY VII in Australia or New Zealand?

FINAL FANTASY VII is currently not available in either of these territories although we do intend to make it available very soon. We'll update you with the release date very soon.

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