Daily Digest: What went wrong with OnLive?

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2. OnLive never carried an exclusive

The acid test of any games platform is whether it can be solely responsible for carrying a runaway success.

It is hard to overestimate the importance of Angry Birds to the iOS platform, for example. That Rovio game was a sensation in itself, but also a viral advertisement that you could have fun on your iPhone as well as ignore emails and listen to music.

There was no such breakthrough with OnLive. It simply carried as many games as it could, more than 300 by the time the company went under. But since these titles were available on so many other platforms, the reasons to buy them through OnLive specifically were limited.

Last year I was told that the company absolutely understood this issue, and in fact had considered plans to establish an internal development team to create exclusive content. There were no signs of progress on that matter, however.

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