Origin 'could expand to any platform', says EA Games exec

Patrick Soderlund: We need to be where our customers are

Electronic Arts' increasingly successful PC game platform Origin "could expand anywhere on any device", according to a key executive at the publisher.


In an interview with CVG, Patrick Soderlund was very receptive to the notion that Origin could appear on other systems.

Asked if the service has the potential to expand beyond PC, he replied: "Oh absolutely. Absolutely. We need to be where the consumers are, and at the moment that's on PC."

In a recent note to investors, EA claimed that Origin's registered user base has surpassed 21 million individual accounts.

The Origin portal hosts nearly all games published by EA, as well as content from the likes of Capcom, Warner Bros. and THQ.

Last week at Gamescom, EA's Peter Moore said that Origin's first phase of expansion will see the platform spread to Mac, Android devices, Facebook and smart TVs. It is not known if talks have taken place with platform holders with regards to hosting Origin on consoles.

Origin version 9.0 is available now worldwide.