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'Smartphone integration in games is dire'

Nokia? Keep walking...

On last week's mailbox we had Darran Penicuik, who said, although he loves WipEout 2048, he's dying for more Vita games. This week we've got Stephen Faickney, who is a little worried about the smart phone integration in Ubisoft's Watch Dogs.


I read the preview of Watch Dogs at E3. When I reached the part about smartphone integration I thought: "Is this a PS3 exclusive, and if not will the smartphone only be on iPhone or Windows Phone?"

I ask this because, to say the least, smartphone integration in games is dire. And by dire I mean there isn't enough choice on what type of phone works. It shouldn't depend on network or type of phone. That would mean that people that are really enjoying the game can't get the virtual money to pay for a vital upgrade to progress in the game. However I welcome a change from the norm and the chance to continue a game on the move. I just hope it lives up to the hype.

PSM3 says: This is a conundrum that's going to endure until the day when every last human being is forced by their Apple overlords to carry an iPhone 7S. By law. Smartphone integration could be incredible - but till the entire userbase has access to a compatible smartphone, devs are going to play it safe.

CVG says: We imagine the smart phone integration in Watch Dogs won't involve any of the core gameplay mechanics. It's instead likely to be simple map navigation, reading information packets, perhaps a hacking mini-game. These are features that can easily be included in a companion app and released on iOS, Android, WPM and anything else with a screen.