EA: 3D gaming 'hasn't got traction'

"3D is certainly not in any way on our list of things we are focused upon"

Electronic Arts has little current interest in stereoscopic 3D gaming, according to chief operating officer Peter Moore.


Speaking to Eurogamer, the exec said the technology "just doesn't seem to be a major factor" in the gaming space right now.

"3D is certainly not in any way on our list of things we are focused upon as a company," he said. "It's just not a technology particularly in our world of gaming that seems to have got traction. If I was sceptical 18 months ago I remain sceptical."

Last week PlayStation Europe boss Jim Ryan told CVG that the company will continue to support stereoscopic 3D despite a lack of announcements on the matter at E3 and Gamescom.

"We spoke about it at E3 two years ago and everyone put their glasses on for the first time, and the next year we did the same and everyone did it again," he said. "Y'know, there comes a time when you don't need to talk about it any more."

And last month Nintendo president Satoru Iwata said he doesn't expect 3D graphics to be presented as a key feature of the company's future consoles, although they may remain in place as a minor one.

"I think when we launched the 3DS there was a kind of 3D boom, which is perhaps slightly on the wane again," he said.