Don't give up on 3D: Five games that make it work

Daily Digest: Experts from Official Nintendo, Xbox and PlayStation Magazines highlight breakthrough moments in stereoscopic gaming

There's few better examples of the power of voting with your wallet than Stereoscopic 3D gaming. Despite significant publicity campaigns and big promises from publishers and platform holders, the market simply isn't buying into the idea. And the industry is listening.


The Nintendo 3DS XL has amended its '3D intensity' slider with a new switch that, rather tellingly, completely turns the effect off. Sony, meanwhile, has said nothing about the technology for nearly twelve months (despite assurances that it still behind the new tech).

And at a time when 3D appears to be fading away in a market that is overwhelmingly cynical about the technology, EA publishing boss Peter Moore today said that 3D "hasn't got any traction".

But before the whole industry draws a line under 3D tech, CVG examines whether it has (or had) any potential in pure gaming terms. Featured below and across the page is analysis from experts working at the official PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo magazines, who hand-pick a game which they feel is exemplary of the potential of 3D gaming.


Batman: Arkham City

Xbox 360


Analysis by: Matt Lees, Official Xbox Magazine

"The Xbox 360 version of Batman: Arkham City will work on any stereoscopic 3D TV, but to get the most out of it you'll want to use a HDMI 1.4 cable and a TV that fully supports it. Making the change over to 3D is an option you'll find easily in Arkham City's menu, and it's probably one of the best games to showcase the technology.

"It helps that it's a gorgeous game to begin with, but the real trick with Batman is the clever use of framing. Using your cape to swoop through the city is one of the best gaming experiences that I've ever had, and it looks even better in full 3D. Batman's character model sits neatly in the middle of the screen while the streets of the city pan out ahead.

"The open-world view gives a fantastic sense of depth, but the main focus is always tightly fixed on Batman. In this series in particular, this technique really works. Whether you're gliding through the air or thumping thugs to pieces, half the satisfaction in Arkham City is gawping at The Dark Knight's impeccably-cool moves."

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