BioWare 'doing great' despite turbulent year, says EA

Publisher insists there's no lack of confidence in the studio

BioWare's had its fair share of problems over the past year, but EA has not lost faith in the developer, insists EA COO Peter Moore.


"They're doing great," said Moore in a chat with Eurogamer. "You say the last 12-18 months, I think of three things: I think of Star Wars: The Old Republic, I think of what Mass Effect 3 has done and all of the offshoots we've done of that, and then a little bit further back Dragon Age. So from that perspective I think the studio has done great," he said.

BioWare endured a fan backlash over the alleged 'dumbing down' of Dragon Age 2, then again over the ending of Mass Effect 3 which prompted a free DLC update, and perhaps most crucially the rapid decline in subscribers for its big budget MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic, prompting the makeshift introduction of a free-to-play model.

Speaking of Star Wars, Moore reflected positively on the situation. "It sold well," he said, adding, "when we embarked on this massive project, which is to bring the huge world of Star Wars and that universe and those characters to the world of MMO, the world of gaming was in a different place.

"That was a world we felt good about there, that the business model was focused around subscription."

But the times, they're-a-changin', says Moore. "Fast forward to where we are today and it's very clear the world has moved on and as such we need to move on. So rather than crying about spilt milk, the team said, we're going to evolve this into a hybrid model. You can still pay your $15 a month and have all you can eat, everything you want about Star Wars."