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Yakuza 5 to feature dance battles

Don't worry, Kazuma Kiryu won't be busting out the moves

The words Yakuza 5 and dance battles don't really seem to go together, but in the case of main character Kazuma Kiryu's adopted daughter Haruka, it makes perfect sense.


Sega has been providing fans with weekly updates on the characters and story of Yakuza 5, but now there's information about actual gameplay.

According to Famitsu, via Adriasang, battles are "to be taken to the next level, with all areas redone, including motion and enemy AI."

Not only will the battle system be improved for fighting, but Kiryu's adopted daughter Harka has a battle system all of her own. Having Haruka out fighting street thugs would be slightly odd, so instead she will perform dance battles to fight rival dancers.

The dance battle system will take the form of a rhythm mini game, where you build up a gauge, similar to Heat Action of regular battles, and perform Dance Heat moves when full.

The dances will be judged by spectators, and the better you do the more "expression power" Haruka will receive. This will help keep her at the top of the Princess League idol tournament.