ACT passes R18+ legislation

It passed through Federal government, now it's the states turn

The R18+ legislation for video games passed through Federal government successfully, and now it is time for each state to pass the law.


The new classification system for video games in Australia, is slated to begin January 2013, and although all states and territories agreed to the new rating system, each state still needs to pass it through state law.

The ACT is the first territory to pass the R18+ law, which the ABC reports was done so with "tri-partisan support, though the Canberra Liberals failed in a bid to boost the penalty for inappropriate display or distribution of material rated R18+."

Attorney General Simon Corbell has said, "this is about making sure that adults are able to view and play and read what they wish as long as it does not do harm to others."

With the ACT out of the way, all other states must follow suit in making the new rating system Australia-wide. According to Kotaku, a timetable has been put in place, which all censorship ministers have agreed on.

Assistant at the Classification Branch, Jane Fitzgerald, says "I'm operating on the assumption that they'll all get the job done."

When asked what happens if they don't, Fitzgerald replied simply, "I'm choosing for the moment, to operate on the basis that it'll be done. So let's cross that bridge when we hopefully don't come to it!"