GTA V: Everything we know so far

Daily Digest: CVG video team discusses locations, characters, weapons; vehicles and leisure activities

Rockstar has this week sent the games industry into a craze of anticipation by releasing three separate batches of Grand Theft Auto 5 images.


Before we move on to our analysis, make sure you've seen them in all their glory.
GTA 5 screens part one.
GTA V images part two.
Grand Theft Auto 5 screenshots part three.

Team CVG has analysed every last detail released by Rockstar, from locations to characters, vehicles, weapons and leisure activities.

Take a look at them all below, and if you've spotted something we haven't (IMPOSSIBLE) then let us know in the comments section below.


Los Santos; Santa Maria Beach; Mount Chiliad; San Fierro; Vinewood

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Multiple protagonist structure; Albert De Silva; CJ cameo?

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Cheetah; Infernus; Helicopters; Dirt Bikes; Bicycles; Police Helicopters; Fighter Jets; The Stunt Plane

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Virtua Tennis; Dirt Biking; Base Jumping

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AK-47s; Customisation options; Military arsenal

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