US Nintendo downloads: Metal Slug X

All this week's new Nintendo downloads

It's all about Metal Slug X in this week's new US Nintendo downloads update.


If you've never sampled the delights of this mental 2D shooter, now's the perfect time - Metal Slug X is based on MS2, but allows for difficulty adjustment, which could prove handy for a series known for its brutal difficulty.

And 3DS owners can grab VectorRacing - an F-Zero-like racer with wireframe visuals.

Here's the short-but-sweet list:

Nintendo eShop
VectorRacing - Enjoy a new, high-speed racing game that recalls the video games of yore. Use one of six different machines to race across 12 courses - some easy, some insane - in four different modes. (For Nintendo 3DS / Nintendo 3DS XL)

Virtual Console
METAL SLUG X - This game is based on Metal Slug 2, but adds the new "Iron Lizard" and "Drop Shot" weapons. It also adds many new enemies and allows players to adjust the game's difficulty level by changing the position of bosses and other things. (For Wii)

Also new this week:
Abyss (Nintendo DSiWare)