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Video: DMC boss fight is as bizarre as they come

Dante takes on newscaster Bob Barbas

Capcom showed off its new DMC (Devil May Cry) game at a press conference in Gamescom with the most bizarre of boss battles, and now it's sharing the conference with everyone.


The just-released video below shows the entire 12-minute segment given to DMC, but if you want to get straight into the good stuff - that boss fight - jump to 5:55.

In it, Dante faces off with Bob Barbas, a malicious newscaster and sworn enemy of the protagonist. It all gets a bit mental, and that's why we can't wait to play more of DMC.

Earlier this week we also posted a 26-minute video of Capcom peeps showing off the new Devil May Cry game, with a good look at its fighting and combo systems, move set and more.

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