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Lollipop Chainsaw breaks record for Grasshopper

Has shipped over 700,000 units worldwide

During the Lollipop Chainsaw Summer Appreciation Festival, it was announced that Lollipop Chainsaw has broken a record for Grasshopper, shipping over 700,000 units worldwide.


Lollipop Chainsaw received mixed reactions from many gamers, with some seeing the humour, and others regarding it as blatant sexualisation of women. All that aside, the interest for the game is definitely there, with the announcement that the title has shipped over 700,000 units worldwide.

Shipping units does not necessarily equate to sales figures, but it definitely proves there is interest in the game. According to Grasshopper's CEO Suda 51, this is the highest shipment figure the company has received.

Andriasang reports that the event also showcased a promotional trailer for Grasshopper's new project Killer is Dead. The trailer isn't online yet, but it was reported that it featured a man with a cyborg left arm, and a katana in his right hand. It also had a similar cell shaded style to No More Heroes, but with more colourful, stylish effects during combat.

While Suda was not prepared to comment regarding Killer is Dead, he did confirm there would be a "new hero" and we can expect lots of hot girls.