Max Payne 3 update improves cheat protection, load times

And new Multiplayer Card feature for stat tracking

Rockstar has released an update for Max Payne 3 which brings some pretty big improvements to its multiplayer offering.


Top of the list is a new Multiplayer Card feature which shows all the player stats you could want.

Load times and anti-cheat measures have been improved, along with a better party system that'll let party leaders pull their friends out of games and into new ones with them, making it easier to stick togethers.

As Rockstar explains, this update also "enables Payne Thresholds which will go live next week across all three platforms following the release of the free Disorganized Crime Pack DLC".

Here's the full list of patch changes:

- The new Multiplayer Player Card, which allows you and your friends to track multiplayer stats including current amount of XP, total kills, favorite weapon and more.
- New Automated cheat protection and lag protection measures.
- Improvements to multiplayer load times
- Players can now spawn with dual wield if they have two sidearms and no two-handed weapon equipped
- Polish language support has been added
- Party leader now has the option of taking entire party with them when they back out of a match
- Weapon rank in the Arsenal is now visible on the left side of the screen, not just the right
- The Crew menu is now available inside lobbies
- XP gained for completing Grinds no longer contributes to rankings in Gang Wars matches
- Improvements to the spectator camera in Gang Wars
- Gang Wars wager system improved to better show betting results