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Skyrim: Rags to Riches - the complete box set

The extraordinary Academy Award Winning* story of the man they call Olaf has come to an end.

'Rags to Riches' is the tale of a humble Nord peasant with the American Dream flowing through his veins. Olaf believes that he, a man who begins life as malnourished surf, can somehow fight for a livelihood that affords him a deluxe mansion.

In the logic of videogames, this would be a relatively straightforward task: kill your way to the top a la Scarface. But Olaf cannot kill. He cannot fight. He doesn't have any shoes so running isn't ideal.

His journey takes place in Bethesda's acclaimed RPG Skyrim, is captured on YouTube and narrated by CVG's Andy Kelly.

The season finale was released last week and today the whole set of videos are packaged and available to you. It's all free.

Take a look here.

*Not true