Resident Evil 6 video preview: More to shoot, less to fear

Plus, CVG takes a first look at co-op mode

The games industry's flagship survival horror series has renewed itself several times over since its 1996 debut on PS1. But Resident Evil 6, the newest edition Capcom's key franchise, looks like it will be torn from its roots entirely.

Chris Redfield (L) and Leon Kennedy (R) meet for the first time in Resident Evil 6

Resident Evil 6 brings together three separate campaigns in what is likely Capcom's most expensive project in the series yet. It is believed that more than 600 developers have been working on the project, of which Japanese developers make up less than a third of that total number.

CVG's first impressions of the game, now after more than ten hours of cumulative play, suggests that the game has become fully westernised. Foreboding locations and tense pacing has been replaced by a comprehensive action model - one that is cursed by comparisons to Gears of War, fairly or not.

Given its intention to thrill, it is not clear whether Resident Evil 6 has the capacity to horrify its dedicated fan base.

In the Video preview below, CVG examines the game's main campaign as well as its new co-op mode.

Opinions formed on preview copy of the game, which may not fully represent the finished project.