Agent 47 keeps original voice

David Bateson will return as the voice of Hitman

Square Enix confirmed today that Hitman: Absolution's Agent 47 will be voiced by veteran voice actor David Bateson.


After a rather lengthy search, Square Enix has announced that David Bateson will once again lend his voice to Agent 47. Bateson has been the voice of Agent 47 in every Hitman game from the very beginning in 2000.

Bateson almost didn't lend his voice to the game, but Hitman brand director Jon Brooke announced this morning that "IO and Bateson have been bed fellows for over a decade and like all long running relationships sometimes absence makes the heart grow fonder. Looking back I think we were just playing hard to get."

Square Enix has also announced that the star of Lost, William Mapother, has provided the motion capture work for Agent 47.