Hackers target Guild Wars 2 accounts with password resets

Players receive rogue password change emails, NCSoft responds

It looks like hackers already have their sights set on NCSoft's new MMO, Guild Wars 2.


An increasing number of players are reporting receiving email notifications for a password change request made on their account that wasn't done by them.

Possibly the targets of hacking or phishing attempts, some have taken to Twitter to tell the developer directly that they're receiving these emails daily.

NCSoft is aware, and has issued a warning urging players to ignore the emails. "If you have been emailed regarding a reset request for your password, but you haven't requested it, as always please be ever vigilant when it comes to emails sent to you in regard to your game account," said NCSoft in a statement.

"If you didn't request the email, do not click the link, just ignore it," it adds.

NCSoft appears to have its work cut out for it today, as players are also reporting lag spikes, which it says its "working on" fixing, it's taken down player-to-player mail "for maintenance", and the forums are also offline at the time of writing.