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Golden Joysticks 2012: The nominees for Best DLC...

Fighting Ryu. Killing Hitler. Sniper Challenges. But which one gets your vote?

The HMV sponsored GamesMaster Golden Joystick Awards have arrived, and you're all invited to vote and win prizes here! Each week we'll be casting a beady eye over different categories, taking you through the prime contenders before leaving you savvy lot to duke it out in the comments section. This time around, we're talking DLC.

Remember the (dark) days of downloadable Horse Armour? The concept of DLC might not have started its life with aplomb but lessons have certainly be learned - no more obviously than Oblivion devs Bethesda themselves, whose Skyrim has scored an impressive two entries in this category.

As before, have a listen to our GJ editorial chappies duke it out DLC-stylee, then check out the nominees below...

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The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings (Enhanced Edition)

Much-loved Polish devs CD Projekt furnish their fans with tons of gratis post-release content. When the Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition hit 360, PC owners got all the extra content - free! Vote here!

Asura's Wrath (Ryu)

Top cameo action, with Street Fighter's iconic scrapper Ryu warping in to take on our favourite god-basher in a typically insane battle that rages from planet to planet! Vote here!

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