Assassin's Creed 3: Exclusive new multiplayer details revealed

More conspiracy, new modes, plus bottle kills

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So what big changes are ahead for the actual multiplayer action? We can expect quite an improvement in the way the online play works, "The dynamic weather system is a perfect example of one the things we've done," Keiken says. "Now in the multiplayer maps, a snow storm or heavy rain can seriously affect your visibility, making it harder to spot the other players." He also clarifies one of the previously announced features: environmental kills - where you can use random objects, like a bottle or an axe, to perform bloody kills.



So, while the core concept of multiplayer remains largely untouched, there are new features to keep it feeling fresh. Oh, and there are two new modes too. Domination (a 4 vs 4 team mode) keeps things traditional, while Wolfpack sounds a little like AC's own brand of 'Horde' to us.

The multiplayer is now more entwined with the single-player story...

Wolfpack sees 2-4 players teaming up to hunt AI opponents against the clock. During each round you're assigned a target, you have a limited amount of time to hunt them down. Ubi Annecy have thought long and hard about how to keep this mode entertaining, and have spent ages creating different AI behaviours for your targets, "Some are cowards and will try to run away when they spot you, others are fighters and will stun you and run away. Some are almost blind; others will spot you quickly when you're on their tail," says Keiken. They'll even use perks like smoke bombs and firecrackers against you. The multiplayer in Assassin's Creed has always been great, and now it's getting significantly better and - crucially - more entwined with the single-player story.


If you're one of the many who've eschewed online for endlessly finding feathers in the story mode, this year is the time to take the swan-dive into the online bloodbath. You won't be disappointed.

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