Killzone Trilogy listed on Amazon

Compilation package may bundle the PS2 and PS3 series entries

Amazon France is currently listing Killzone Trilogy for PS3.


The product doesn't have a release date or accompanying box art, but carries a €59.99 price tag. Sony has released three Killzone games on home consoles to date, with the series' PS2 debut followed by two sequels on PS3.

Last year unconfirmed reports claimed that the "bulk" of Guerrilla Games' staff is now working on Killzone 4.

A subsequent job ad hinted that the title will be released on PS4.

A second team at the studio is also believed to be developing a new IP, led by Killzone director Mathijs de Jonge.

At Gamescom earlier this month Sony revealed Killzone Mercenary, a completely new game "created specifically for Vita to deliver a first person shooter experience that simply wouldn't be possible on any other platform".

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