Far Cry 3: Our thirty minute safari with Ubisoft's free-form shooter

CVG cleans up on isle three

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The first problem we identified is that to get to artifact's resting place, we had to cut straight through the aforementioned hideout, which had set up shop on the adjacent beach. The dev advised we take the opportunity to clear it out, but screw that. We didn't get to where we are in life by taking advice from people who know better than us.

Besides, it appeared that the problem would solve itself as we pulled up our car on a cliff overlooking the beach. Sitting there, innocent as you like, was a hang-glider. Naturally, we hopped on and used it to sail clean over the hideout. Our outlandish mode of transport did tip our enemies off, but we safely landed on a tiny island 150 metres from shore, before they could do aything about it.


But then we got careless. We'd barely got our feet wet when the 360 pad began to rumble with concern. A second later, the screen exploded with a giant splash and we found ourselves being tugged under the surface. A shark!

Panickedly, we battled our way to the surface and pumped our finny assailant full of AK47. We got lucky this time - if we'd been caught a bit further out, we would have been back at the respawn point before the shark could finish swallowing our legs. On a whim, we swam out to the shark's floating carcass and skinned it with our knife - we used his hide to make ourselves an extra weapon slot, which was nice.

After all that fun, we swam out to the waypoint (making sure to keep an eye out for telltale shark fins, naturally) and when we got there we discovered that we were treading water right above the ruins of a sunken ship. We grabbed our nose and dove in after the artifact, but, er (this is a bit embarrassing) we drowned trying to find it.


It's possible to level your lungs up so you can hold your breath for longer, we were advised, but with only 14 minutes on the clock we decided to cut our losses and move on to our next project. It was time to take that hideout down.

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