Valve banning fake Greenlight project makers

One week bans handed out as 'joke' entrees flood the service

Steam Greenlight has been live for just one day but has already fallen victim to internet trolls with a flood of fake posts.


Valve isn't taking it lying down. The developer has been deleting false entrees and handing out one week Community bans to users who create them, as one user found out the hard way.

Several fake entrees for games such as Half-Life 3 and Left 4 Dead 3 have come and gone - thanks to Valve's seemingly rapid response to community reports. A 9/11 'sim' and other offensive material has also been removed, as Eurogamer notes.

Many posters appear to mistake Greenlight as a place to post requests - such as for EA's Origin-sold game Battlefield 3, another example of which, at the time of writing, is present on the front page. Currently there are 614 projects on the service - but how many are real?

Greenlight is a Community space on Steam intended to provide indie game developers a place to showcase their work, and Steam users can vote on games they wish to see published on Steam.

Great idea. Trust the internet to ruin it for everyone.