Splinter Cell Blacklist trailer shows actual stealth tactics

Shock - Sam Fisher doesn't have to kill every dude he sees

Sam Fisher, the guy who stars in what used to be a stealth game series called Splinter Cell before he went all Rambo, is still capable of actual stealth, believe it or not.


That's what Ubisoft sets out to demonstrate in the below video, which shows a playthrough of the same demo shown at Gamescom - in which Sam blasted his way through like an Expendables cast hopeful - completed without going batshit mental and murdering everything that moves with generous auto-aim features.

There's hope for old-school Splinter Cell fans yet...

Close Close

So he can sneak, but the crucial difference is that he doesn't need to. In the original Splinter Cell you were stealthy because if you weren't you got shot in the face and you died. That was the challenge. But why bother to be all stealthy when you can 'lock' onto five guys' heads and trigger a semi-cutscene which puts bullets in their skulls with maximum fancy camera angles and minimal effort? And the ability to see through walls? Seriously...

That's our rant for the day.