Epic Mickey 2 screens look a bit N64-era

Move to HD hasn't helped boost visuals much

We can't help but feel that Epic Mickey 2 should look a fair bit better than it does. Check out these new screenshots from PAX, for example.


Don't they look a little bit like a HD remake of an N64 game? Or maybe low-end Dreamcast? Especially the shot of Mickey on the raft with the cardboard background and crappy-looking trees. And the textures up close aren't doing it any favours either.

It wasn't such a big deal on the first game because that was a Wii exclusive. But this one's headed to HD consoles. We know they're going for that basic Disney-cartoon look, but so did Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker and Okami on last-gen consoles, and they both still look fantastic.

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