Onus is on Namco for Xenosaga re-release, says Sony

PS2 reissues not Sony's responsibility

There have been quite a few PS2 re-releases made available through the PSN, but one fan desperate for a Xenosaga re-release has been told by Sony to "make your voice heard on the Namco Bandai forums."


The comment section of the PlayStation blog is littered with fans requesting games to undergo a HD remake. One such fan reached out to Sony on their blog, pleading for a re-release of the PS2 series Xenosaga. As Sony rep Morgan Haro points out, it is up to the publishers, not Sony.

Haro explains that the "[publishers] need to sign off on it, but there are technical considerations as well (like will it work with the PS3 firmware to emulate this PS2 title)."

All hope is not lost though. Haro tells fans to "make your voice heard on the Namco Bandai forums to have the best possible chance to see this through."

It looks like fans took Haro's advice with posts appearing on the Namco Bandai forum, letting the publisher know that they'd love to see a Xenosaga re-release.

So it's up to you folks. If you want to see a certain game re-released, speak up and let the publishers know.

Via ThatVideogameBlog.